My name is Arron Kukadia. Thank you for your interest in me as your photographer. I specialise in outdoor portrait photoshoots, typically in London. I adapt my style of photography to capture specific moods and emotions, always looking for the perfect composition.

Over 10 years ago, when I was on holiday in Spain, I was using an old compact camera, handed down to me from my dad, taking pictures of anything that caught my eye - from the beautiful landscapes to the actors dressed in costume at a theme park. I have always been someone that has a creative mind and the camera helped me to capture this. This is where my journey as a photographer began.

I was gifted a DSLR camera for my 20th birthday. I began experimenting with portrait photography and developing my brand: AK1photography. Portrait shooting exposed me to a whole new side of photography, allowing me to create eye catching, memorable and mesmerising compositions. Since starting my journey with portrait photography, I have not looked back. 

Photography is my passion and if you feel my style of photography is for you, please feel free to view my portfolio or book a shoot. I always go above and beyond to ensure my clients are satisfied. 

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